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About Piccinnini Law

Piccinnini Law is a boutique real estate law firm that services both New York and New Jersey in all matters of residential and commercial real estate. Focusing on personal representation, we offer a hands-on approach that produces “big time” results.

Easily accessible and fully accountable for every case, we transcend the results of “big time” law firms by focusing on attention to detail and by being results-oriented.

We believe in making New York real estate law easy to navigate and litigate, not only helping you win cases and achieve the desired results, but also providing education, consulting, and knowledge that helps you better understand your case, and prevent future cases.

Well versed in all facets of New York real estate representation, we specialize in:

Real Estate Litigation

Lender Representation

Foreclosure Defense

Lease Negotiation

Title Litigation

Residential Real Estate Law

Residential Real Estate Transactions

Commercial Real Estate Law

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Our Vision

As trusted and experienced real estate attorneys in the State of New York, at Piccinnini Law, our vision is to represent you, providing you with an ultimate defense of your legal rights in all cases of real estate litigation.

Whether we provide you with advice and consultations, document review and preparation, or directly represent you in court, we advocate on your behalf with your best interest in mind, fighting with you to achieve the outcome and results you are looking for.