New York Commercial

Real Estate Attorney

Defending and Protecting Your Commercial Real Estate Rights

Simplifying the Closing Process

Whether you are looking to buy or sell commercial real estate, lease or rent it, Piccinnini Law helps you through commercial real estate processes to help safeguard and protect you before the process begins, or to represent and defend you should issues arise.

New York law covering commercial real estate is very intricate, and proper representation in court requires attorneys to stay up to date. That’s why when it comes to commercial real estate, our solutions are as diverse and tailored as every case.

Well versed in New York real estate laws and procedures, we provide the ideal representation in all cases of commercial real estate litigation, making a seemingly complex process easier to navigate and win.

Types of Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate representation falls into several main categories, all of which we provide excellent legal representation for across the state of New York:

Leisure properties

Consultation and representation of all matters related to hotels, public houses, restaurants, cafes, sports facilities, and any properties used for leisure.

Retail properties

Lease negotiations, consultation, and in-court representation of all commercial real estate matters relating to retail stores, shopping malls, shops, and boutiques.

Office properties

Commercial real estate representation and litigation in cases pertaining to office buildings, serviced offices.

Industrial properties

Legal representation and consultation on cases having to do with warehouses, garages, distribution centers.

Commercial leases

Different from residential leases, commercial leases are more detailed and tailored. We offer both lease consultation and writing as well as lease dispute representation and all legal services related to commercial leases.