New York Commercial Real Estate

Transaction Attorney

Providing a Smooth and Precise Commercial Real Estate Transactional Process

No-Hassle Real Estate Transactions

Piccinnini Law provides guidance and results for sellers, buyers, renters, and landlords, with extensive experience and knowledge in New York commercial real estate transactions.

Representing you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and trouble-free commercial real estate transactional process, as well as litigation of any issues or disputes related to commercial real estate transactions.

Providing all services from document review and writing, to approval, permits and financing, we cover all facets of the transactional process, big and small, paying close attention to details so as to protect you throughout and after the transactional procedure is complete.

Commercial Real Estate Sales and Purchases

When it comes to selling or purchasing real estate, the many constantly changing laws of New York commercial real estate can make the process seem complicated. Piccinnini Law offers security throughout the entire commercial real estate transactional process, covering all aspects including:

Title clearance
Down payment
Property taxes
Insurance coverage
Environmental regulations
Laws to accommodate the disabled
Loan origination and mortgage payments
Closing costs