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Lease Negotiation Attorney

Dotting Every I and Crossing Every T

New York law can present a number of difficulties when it comes to leases, lease negotiation, and lease enforcement. With many laws protecting the tenant, Piccinnini Law’s experience and knowledge of lease negotiation work to protect you as a property owner throughout New York.

Protecting property owners looking to lease out property, or helping property owners with lease issues, we work with you, as a property owner, to navigate the very important subject of New York leasing law, protecting your rights as a landlord, and help you make your work as a landlord easier and more profitable.

Residential Lease Negotiation

When it comes to leases, residential leases are considered to be simpler than commercial leases, especially if you are renting living space to multiple tenants in the same building. However, writing a lease that protects you as a property owner or litigating lease issues requires experience and knowledge of New York leasing laws.

Additionally, Piccinnini Law represents individuals and business owners in residential and commercial leases. As the party renting from the landlord, it is important to know your rights and ensure they are protected. At Piccinnini Law, we represent clients in a wide range of leases from the Hamptons seasonal renter, long term renter, short term renter, or a business entity/owner entering into a long/short term commercial lease.

Helping you avoid pitfalls in your leases, Piccinnini Law not only offers residential lease negotiation services, but also lease litigation and representation for issues you are having with your lease/tenants.

Commercial Lease Negotiation

Different from residential leases, commercial leases are far more detailed and tailored. If you lease a multi-office building, each tenant will most likely have a different set of lease terms. In commercial leases, the property owner also has the opportunity to share specific maintenance issues and costs with the renters. Working with commercial property owners, Piccinnini Law helps you with commercial lease negotiation and commercial lease litigation to help you protect your commercial property, ensure the lease terms are enforced, and protect your rights as a commercial property owner.

Handling Lease Disputes

When it comes to residential or commercial leases, a breach in a lease or contract can be quite time consuming and often pretty confusing or difficult to dispute or litigate. In New York, when lease disputes arise, many laws lean towards protecting the tenant. Being well versed in New York real estate law, Piccinnini Law helps represent and defend you, as a property owner.

The Key is a Good Lease

One of the best ways to handle lease disputes is to prevent them from taking place by writing a lease that projects every possible scenario and establishes agreements for both parties in accordance with New York lease laws.

At Piccinnini law, we focus on ensuring all aspects of your agreement are explicitly covered in your residential or commercial real estate lease, protecting your property and so that should an issue arise, it’s easily litigated in court.

Our New York Lease Negotiation Services Include

Letters of intent
Lease review and drafting
Pop-Up Leases
Lease Surrender Agreements
Lease Assignments
Indemnification agreements
Rent reduction – re-negotiation with landlord
Right of first refusal, Options
Negotiate Buy-Outs of Leases
Subleases, Licensing Agreements
Construction (“build-out”) riders
“Good Guy” Guarantee
Subordination Non-Disturbance Agreements