New York

Lender Representation Attorney

Real Estate Lender Representation & Mortgage Settlement

Streamlining the Closing Process

Accessible, accountable, and results-oriented. Piccinnini law brings years of experience to represent New York lenders in residential and commercial banking and mortgage issues, including mortgage settlements.

With your interests as a lender in mind, we ensure a fast and easy transactional process. Due to the current economic landscape, Piccinnini Law offers experienced New York transactional representation, streamlining the entire procedure and elevating efficiency through the closing process.

Helping lenders avoid pitfalls, we routinely represent and oversee all phases of New York mortgage transactions. Be it a residential transaction, a commercial sale or purchase, refinancing, or bank closing, We represent you every step of the way, making the entire real estate lending operation safe and precise.

Our New York Lender Representation Services Include

Residential Lender Representation
Mortgage Settlements
Loan Origination
Refinance / CEMA