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Piccinnini Law is a New York law firm that provides both consulting and legal representation for all aspects of real estate law, including real estate litigation services. Well versed, experienced, and up to date on New York real estate law, we are easily accessible and accountable, providing you the advice or defense you need to succeed. Covering both residential and commercial real estate litigation, we work with your interests in mind.

Our New York Real Estate Litigation Services Include

Representing plaintiffs as well as defendants in civil cases and representing you in all aspects of the real estate litigation process. This includes investigation, pretrial, trial, settlement, and if needed, appeal.

Litigating breach of contract for buy and sell agreements, overseeing the entire litigation process through to the desired result.

Title litigation, proving your title and ownership of property should it be challenged and protecting you from and defending you against defects in titles or title fraud.

Quiet title actions, to resolve lawsuits regarding property disputes.
Partition actions to help you smoothly negotiate property sales or purchases when more than one owner is involved.

Boundary disputes through the precise measuring of property, surveying and reviewing records, to resolve issues relating to both commercial and residential property boundaries.