New York

Title Litigation Attorney

Defense Against Title Claims in Court

Defending Your Rights

Piccinnini Law offers premier representation in New York for cases of title litigation, helping you as a property owner prove ownership of your property should you be challenged.

With years of experience in representing both buyers and sellers in title claims and title litigations, we defend your rights as a property owner.

Title Insurance Representation

With title claims and title fraud on the rise, today, more and more property owners are investing in title insurance to cover any losses of ownership of a property due to title fraud or defects in the title.

Title insurance provides safety and security for new titleholders against any past issues with a title, such as past liens, an estranged family member selling the property, and many possible factors that could cause one to lose the title of their rightful property.

Piccinni Law New York Title Litigation Services Help to Resolve

Quiet Title Actions
Title Defect Litigation
Title Irregularities
Easement and Access Disputes
Title Conveyance Issues
Adverse Possession, Encroachment, And Trespass Claims
Escrow Claims
Title Claim Investigation
Breach of Option Agreements
Mechanics’ Liens
Surveys and Boundary Disputes
Restrictive Covenants
Right of First Refusal Claims
Validity and Priority of Liens
Mortgage Fraud and Forgery
Property Flipping Litigation
Agent Error and Omissions