New York Real Estate Buying Process

by | Apr 15, 2022 | Buying a Home in New York

Selling your home in New York is both exciting and intimidating. 

The New York real estate market is not like any other real estate market. Due to New York’s unique laws and regulations when it comes to properties, before you start, consult an experienced New York real estate attorney who will help protect you, your money, and your purchase. 

One of the most common mistakes property buyers make is to not read or fail to understand the fine print on the contracts and purchase agreements they sign; especially if the property is sold “as is”. 

There are important steps in the buying process that must be done. At Piccinnini Law, we help you through them and handle all legal aspects of your New York property purchase. To speak to a real estate attorney, call 516-500-2110.

What to Expect: The Buying Process in New York

When buying a property in New York, the buying process is not always as fun or simple as it seems. If this is your first property purchase in New York, you will not know what to expect. Piccinnini Law will help explain the process as well as guide you through it so that your investment is protected.  

Commercial & Residential Property Sales in New York

The first step of the buying process is taking some time to find the right property for you. 

Whether a residential home or a commercial property, you should look over the property and see to it that it meets your needs and that the cost is on point and the appearance of the property is where you would expect it to be. 

Now-a-days you can do this using an app, a website, and working with a real estate agent. 

Start the Process and Do a Title Search

Once you’ve found a property, the legal work begins. 

A title search on the property you found will certify that the property is free of any title issues, liens, and so on that would complicate or prevent a sale from happening. 

At Piccinnini Law, we not only make sure that the process moves forward and that a title search is performed on the property, but we will also help address any title issues that arise during the title search. 

Have the Property Inspected

Before you purchase a property, you want to have it inspected. 

An inspection will help make sure the property is in good shape. A good inspector will know what to look for and will let you know if there is anything that needs to be fixed, prior to your purchase. 

You do not want to find out later that the property is infested with termites or that there is black mold in the ceiling panels. 

THe best way to do this is to hire your own inspector to do the inspection for you. 

Should your real estate agent hire the inspector, let us know. We will make sure that the inspector is impartial and that he or she alerts you to all problems that may exist on the property.

Prepare Closing Documents and Final Inspection

Once you have found a property, searched to make sure the title is clean, and had the property inspected you will need to negotiate a price. However, when the price is settled there will be some paper work that needs to be done to lay out the agreement of the sale and closing of the property. 

All paperwork and closing documents will be prepared and you should have an experienced real estate attorney look over them to ensure they are worded properly. In addition, you should do one final inspection to verify that repairs were made and that no more damage has been sustained.

Speak to a New York Real Estate Attorney 

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