New York Real Estate Selling Process

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Selling a property in New York can be costly and time-consuming if you attempt to do it alone.

In this article, I am going to explain how working with a real estate agent and a real estate attorney, together, can expedite and simplify the process.

To start with let me distinguish the two functions.

A real estate agent will help you list your property, show the property to prospective buyers, review offers, and help with the closing.

A real estate attorney will draft a contract, negotiate the contract languages so it protects you and your property, and after the contract has been accepted, a real estate attorney and real estate agent will help you ensure the property is free and clear of any liens, judgments, and violations.

While a real estate agent will help you sell your property, a real estate attorney will help make sure that you and your best interests are represented and cared for throughout the entire real estate sales process from the point the real estate attorney prepares the contract. Piccinnini Law offers personalized and effective legal representation for anyone looking to sell a home or property in New York.

To help you better understand how to sell your property in New York, we laid out a quick overview of the three main steps of the selling process:


One of the hardest parts of selling your property in New York is the inspection process. The buyer may bring their own inspector who will often look into ways to “protect” the buyer regarding the condition of the home by finding reasons to lower the price.

Prior to listing your property, it’s always a good idea to have a professional inspection done to locate any potential issues. Knowing these issues, you may consider having them fixed prior to listing the property or disclosing these issues as part of the listing leaving little room for price negotiation.

Preparing your property for inspection, finding an inspector, and listing your property will be taken care of by your real estate agent. However here is how a real estate attorney can assist to make the process easier and also protect you, should any issues arise.

At times, buyers may use inspection results as a way to amend or adjust their original price, offer, or contract. Should the buyer insist on making changes to an offer or contract, a real estate attorney can help negotiate the language within the contract to ensure your best interests are represented and legally covered.

Contract and Price Negotiations

After accepting an offer, a contract of sale will be drawn up. A real estate contract is a legal document that will lay out the terms and agreements of the real estate transaction between you and the buyer.

One of the things that sets Piccinnini Law apart from other real estate attorneys in New York is our expertise in real estate negotiation.

When it’s time to draw up a contract, we do not just settle for what the buyer has to offer or insists on. We see to it that any negotiations are carried out legally and clean and that the contract language protects and benefits you.

While it does help to be flexible in negotiating a real estate sale, and sometimes issues arise that call for a price reduction or an extension of a deadline, we will protect you and work with you to draft an appropriate contract.

Contract negotiations can sometimes be scary to inexperienced sellers. But with expert legal representation, there is no need to be concerned as Piccinnini Law will be there to guide you through the contract side of the negotiation process and the real estate transaction.

Final Closing Documents

Once the contract negotiations have concluded, you will enter into a contract.

Selling a property in New York requires a lot of paperwork. While a real estate agent will help you with a final closing process such as the walk-through, prior to the closing Piccinnini Law will make sure that the closing documents are prepared and all expenses and proceeds are properly calculated for distribution at closing.

Lastly, Piccinnini Law will make sure that property title is clean and that it has no liens, judgments, or violations against it that would make selling the property impossible. And, should anything appear, we will help resolve the matter legally.

Discuss Your Case with Piccinnini Law

If you would like to sell your property in New York or if you are already mid the process, it’s never too late to discuss your options with Piccinnini Law. We can provide expert real estate advice and representation to make sure that the entire real estate transaction goes smooth and, most importantly, we will make sure that you and your property are protected throughout the sale.

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